LearnCdo Care After-hours provides affordable, high quality, after hours service to pediatric primary care offices. The typical advice line for after hours is stagnant and outdated, let us show you why. The LearnCdo Care After-hours solution is HIPAA compliant, end-to-end encrypted, and leads the industry in technology, security and patient care. If you want to improve the after hours experience for your patients and office, then you need LearnCdo Care After-hours.


You’re in good company within our LearnCdo Care After-hours community, our members are based across the country. With pediatric primary care offices of all sizes and makes, from one provider to multiple offices, you’re in good company.

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The LearnCdo Care After-hours telehealth and telecare solution wasn’t built solely by technologists, the platform has become the award winning comprehensive telehealth solution because our team is made of clinicians, specialists and software industry leaders. The platform helps practices to drive technological development as well as more efficiently direct operational transformation, ultimately improving the quality of and access to services for their patients.

LearnCdo Enterprise Features.

With HIPAA compliant proprietary video call telecare and telehealth app technology, LearnCdo Enterprise enables patients to speak directly with their service providers on secure live video. Take a look below at the key features of the video communication app.

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