How Do I Access #telecare?

Healthcare has evolved from a time where the doctor rode the horse to his patient’s houses and cared for them, to modern technology like LearnCdo whereby the patient can connect with a specific expert instantaneously from anywhere. No longer are patients required to find a ride to the doctor and have their ride wait for hours while they wait to be seen.

The amazing thing about the Telecare revolution within healthcare is that it is accessible, it is simple to use and saves substantial amounts of money for both the healthcare provider and the user.

At LearnCdo you can download the app, keep it in your pocket and when you need it, ask your pediatric and family healthcare questions to verified and qualified experts for between $5-$9 for 5-minute increments on a secure HIPAA compliant live video call.

Here at LearnCdo we are leading the #telecare industry forward!

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