How Does it Work.

With HIPAA compliant proprietary video call telecare and telehealth app technology, LearnCdo enables users to ask their childcare & family health questions to 1,000+ qualified telecare and telehealth experts and is growing by the day. These experts are professionals across 20+ disciplines and go through our thorough LearnCdo accreditation process to ensure that our users have access to the most qualified and the most trusted experts, 24/7, on any device, from any location.

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Simple & Intuitive.

Designed for user-first experiences, enabling complex telecare and telehealth questions to be quickly and easily answered. Connect with your expert immediatly.

  • Entirely cloud based – Access your account from anywhere

  • Any number of devices – Mobile app designed for all devices

  • Face to face – Live video call with a verified expert

  • Available 24/7 – Contact experts out of business hours 

  • Global Experts – Speak to specialists no matter the distance based on licensure restrictions 

  • Real-time backups –Review your video calls on your app

  • Secure – Encrypted HIPAA compliant secure video technology

How Much Does it Cost.

With LearnCdo parents, carers and grandparents no longer have to worry about spiralling costs when looking to get a second opinion, to ask a specialist a question, receive primary care advice to put their minds at rest with a question answered by a verified telecare and telehealth app expert. You are in control and can choose to extend the call or keep it to the set 5 minutes. You have the option to choose from 3 tiers of telecare and telehealth experts depending on the type of expertise you need.

Expert Call

$5Per 5 Min
  • Qualified Expert
  • LearnCdo Accredited

Expert Plus Call

$7Per 5 Min
  • Experienced Expert
  • LearnCdo Plus Accredited

Expert Premium Call

9Per 5 Min
  • Tenure Expert
  • LearnCdo Top Accredited